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Sarah Borden Sharkey, PhDSarah Borden Sharkey, PhD

Professor, Department Chair, Philosophy Department, Wheaton College

Dr. Sarah Borden Sharkey, Professor of Philosophy, Wheaton College, earned her Ph.D. from Fordham University. Her interests focus on the relevance of classical and medieval ideas for contemporary discussions. She has written extensively on Edith Stein, including Edith Stein, in the series Outstanding Christian Thinkers (Continuum, 2003), Thine Own Self: Individuality in Edith Stein’s Later Writings (Catholic University of America Press, 2009), and a co-edited volume on Stein’s writings on Teresa of Avila (Institute of Carmelite Studies Publications, forthcoming). In addition, she has interests in retrievals of Aristotelian metaphysics, and published An Aristotelian Feminism in 2016 (Springer).

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Books by Sarah Borden Sharkey

  • An Aristotelian Feminism An Aristotelian Feminism

    Spring, 2016
    ISBN #3319298461

  • Edith Stein Edith Stein

    Continuum, 2003
    ISBN #0826452620

  • Thine Own Self: Individuality in Edith Stein's Later Writings Thine Own Self: Individuality in Edith Stein's Later Writings

    Catholic University of America Press, 2009
    ISBN #0813216826

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