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Bruno Niederbacher, S.J.Bruno Niederbacher, S.J.

Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Christian Philosophy, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Bruno Niederbacher; S.J., teaches Philosophy at the School of Catholic Theology at the University of Innsbruck. He holds the PhD in Philosophy from the University of Freiburg in Breisgau and the MTh from Heythrop College in London. His main research interests are in medieval philosophy and in metaethics, especially in moral ontology and epistemology. Moreover, he reflects the epistemological presuppositions of the Ignatian Spirituality. He is the author of Glaube als Tugend bei Thomas von Aquin (2004), Erkenntnistheorie moralischer Überzeugungen (2012), and the co-editor of Theologie als Wissenschaft im Mittelalter (2006). He has contributed to Personal Identity and Resurrection: How do we survive our death? (2010), The Oxford Handbook of Aquinas (2012) and The Cambridge Companion to Augustine (2014).

Areas of Specialization

Thomas Aquinas on faith, resurrection, rapture, morality, heology in the Middle Ages, Epistemology and ontology of moral belief, Epistemological questions concerning the Spiritual Exercises

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Books by Bruno Niederbacher

  • Erkenntnistheorie moralischer Überzeugungen (German) Erkenntnistheorie moralischer Überzeugungen (German)

    Ontos, 2012
    ISBN #3868381317

  • Glaube als Tugend bei Thomas von Aquin (German) Glaube als Tugend bei Thomas von Aquin (German)

    Kohlhammer, 2003
    ISBN #3170185306

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