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David R. TurnerDavid R. Turner

Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Biola University

David's philosophical interests range over ethics and epistemology. He is particularly keen when these subjects are steeped in ancient and medieval thought, and when they relate to virtue, as well as moral and spiritual formation. He "introduces" undergraduates at Biola University to philosophy and aesthetics, and hopes they garner a love for wisdom.

He also works for Church Resource Ministries (CRM), where he labors to help people flourish under the tutelage of Jesus and value philosophy in the course of everyday life and work. He is thankful these aren't mutually exclusive. David lives in Brea, CA with his wife Stephanee, who teaches piano, also works for CRM, and has wisdom beyond measure.

Paper and Publications: David has presented papers at conferences with the Society of Christian Philosophers and Regent University. His contribution on the virtue of zeal in Being Good: Christian Virtues for Everyday Life is his first publication.

Areas of Specialization

Virtue ethics, virtue epistemology, aesthetics, moral and spiritual development, faith and culture.

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