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Matthew Roberts, PhDMatthew Roberts, PhD

Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Patrick Henry College

Dr. Roberts specializes in metaphysics, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of religion, and philosophical theology. His dissertation was entitled "A Historical Survey and Conceptual Account of States of Affairs." He has presented papers at the meetings of the American Philosophical Association and the Evangelical Philosophical Society.

Prior to teaching at PHC, Dr. Roberts taught at The University of Colorado at Boulder, Wheaton College (IL), and Whitworth University. In addition to teaching PHC's core courses of Logic and Philosophy, Dr. Roberts teaches the upper-level courses of Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, and Ethics. He is the program director for the philosophy minor. Dr. Roberts exhorts his students to love God with their minds by asking probing questions that aim to help them more fully comprehend the intersection of philosophy with biblical theology and practice. Dr. Roberts lives in Purcellville with his wife, Jessica, and five children: Karis, Lucas, Liam, Hosanna, and Judah.

Areas of Specialization

metaphysics, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of religion, and philosophical theology

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