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The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful: My Response to Matthew Roberts, Jim Spiegel, and Doug Groothuis

Dr. Michael W. Austin, PhD

In 2010, Austin wrote an article for The Other Journal, "Football, Fame, and Fortune," which set-off a discussion among friends and associates regarding the connections between football (and sports, in general), virtue, human flourishing, and ethics. Specifically, discussions ensued between Austin and Matthew Roberts and Jim Spiegel on the matter. For the sake of further discussion, we asked if this discussion could be "formalized" for public attention at the EPS website. Doug Groothuis was also asked to contribute because of his thoughtfulness in this area and was already writing on the topic at his blog.

Thus, in this paper, Michael Austin consider the points raised by Professors Spiegel, Roberts, and Groothuis concerning the moral, physical, intellectual, and aesthetic value of football in particular, and sports in general. He considers how one might appropriate their points as a fan, participant, and parent of children involved in sports. He argues that there are ways in which the follower of Christ can and should seek to redeem life in the sporting realm.

Read his contribution by clicking here.

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