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A Vindication of Politics: On the Common Good and Human Flourishing

Interview with Stephanie Nicole Nordby on 'Divine Predication'

Natural Anthropology and Revealed Anthropology
This paper argues that that discoveries in natural anthropology can affect our understanding of revealed anthropology itself. Continued..

A Child's Right to Religious Autonomy: A Response to Hugh LaFollette
Amy Davison evaluates philosopher Hugh LaFollette's arguments against the use of the first amendment as justification for the removal of children from public school curriculum which their Christian parents find Continued..

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September 5 - 6 2019

Death and Immortality
Oxford, United Kingdom

September 5-6, 2019
University of Oxford
Oxford, UK

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December 30 2018

Call for Papers: The 14th Spring Meeting of the Midwest Region of the Evangelical Philosophical Society (EPS)

Paper submissions are requested for the 14th Midwest Region meeting of the EPS, themed Slavery, Freedom, and Power. read more

December 29 2018

Call for Papers: Tyndale Fellowship Conference 2019

Join the conversation between Christian Theology and the natural sciences at the 2019 Tyndale Fellowship Conference. read more